What To Wear While Welding

What To Wear While Welding

Health comes first than any other work and thing in life. Welding procedures can cause many health injuries. So it is essential to wear personal protective equipment to secure the health of the welder.

Personal protection equipment (PPE) for welding is available in the market, essential to wear during the welding procedure. These necessary welding equipment include welding cloths, respiratory masks, welding boots, hand gloves etc.

Here we will provide the essential guide regarding what to wear during welding and how to protect yourself.

So let’s dig into the details.

Eyes and face


The eyes are the sensitive part of the body. Welding procedure causes injuries in the eyes, so it is advisable to wear welding helmets, shields or goggles during welding. These protective products protect the eyes from radiation, flying particles, sparks, chemical burns, irritation and intense light. Moreover, welding helmets help to cover the entire face and head and keep them safe.

These welding helmets and shields are available on the market. It doesn’t matter if you are an occasional welder or a professional, but these protective shields are essential. If you are just a hobbyist, perhaps spending big bucks on a professional auto-darkening Bohler welding helmet like this┬áis not the best option, but there are also a lot cheaper ones which also can do the job.



Welding procedure creates many fumes and oxides that can damage the respiratory tract of humans. So respirators are available for the welders that produce the fumes and oxide in the air and prevent the welder’s lungs. It helps the welder to breathe in clean air with no hazardous materials.

Exposed skin


Exposed skin refers to the body parts other than the hands, feet and face skin. To protect the body, exposed skin welders should wear fire- or flame-resistant clothes and aprons. These materials are heat proof that protect the skin from heat, fire, burns and radiations. Make sure that pants don’t have cuffs. Pants and shirts must have taped sleeves instead of cuffs, so there is no exposed skin for the damage.


Feet and hands

The welding procedure has sharp voices that cause the loss of hearing. Ears are also close to the welding area so that they may have heat effects. So it needs to have a protective mask that prevents ears from noise and heat damage.

Ear puffs and plugs are available in the market that blocks the heavy noise of welding. It also covers the ear and protects it from heat or fumes. Many welders think that ears have no connection with the welding procedure, but it is not valid. Always keep in mind that protection is better than cure. So wear the ear protective puffs or plugs and keep yourself safe.

Feet and hands

Exposed skin

Feet and hands have a direct connection with the welding procedure. It comes into direct contact with welding, so there must be extra protective layers. Heat insulated gloves are available that protect the hands from radiations, heat, fume and burns. These are entirely insulted, so they cover the hands more than the regular gloves.

Welding boots are available to protect the feet that consist of rubber sole and steel toe. So it saves the welder from heat and fumes. Welding boots also have protection from slip and fall at dense welding areas. So these welding boots and gloves are essential to wear for the welders.


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