How to take screenshot on PC

How to take screenshot on PC

The term screenshot includes a graphic file containing a desktop image with open windows displayed at the time the screenshot is taken on the monitor screen. This function is useful in many situations, e.g. if there is an error that should be kept, if we want to show off a friend with a spectacular graphic theme, demonstrate achievement in your favorite game, etc. How to take a screenshot on your computer? It turns out to be very simple, but find out more about all of the methods we selected for you. 

How to make a screenshot for a PC?

To take a screenshot, follow these steps.

To make a screen, use the Print Screen key (or Prt Scrn, sometimes Prt Sc) – it is usually next to the numeric keyboard, above the Insert button. Set the screen you want to dump and press the previously mentioned button (Print Screen). Apparently nothing will happen, however, there is a saved bitmap in the cache memory of our computer.

Now open any graphics program (for example Paint). You should paste the dump (from the menu: tab: Edit, then select: Paste or using the key combination CTRL + V). The image selected previously for the screen will appear in the working area of ​​the graphics program.

Now, from the File menu, select the Save as option, indicate the location of the new file in the dialog box, enter its name, and optionally select the format in which the image should be saved. The most commonly used graphic formats are JPEG, PNG or BMP, but in principle nothing prevents you to save it in any chosen format.

PC screenshot guide

Screenshot through the application

One of the applications for taking screenshots is Lightscreen. A simple to use application with which you can easily create screenshots and collect them on disk. Works in the background, and to take a screenshot you just have to press the selected keyboard shortcut key. The user can decide what part of the screen to save (pixel size) or save the whole. He can also decide what names the files created in this way will have. Lightscreen not only allows you to save created images to disk, but also to directly upload to your account on

Snipaste is a free program that allows you to take a screenshot and then pin it to the desktop in the form of a window. It can then be saved as a graphic file. Before and after saving, you can edit them, cut selected fragments, set transparency, as well as group and create backups. Although it is a small application, it has great potential. Snipaste also has a lot of configuration options, which allows you to customize its appearance to suit your requirements. 

Mozilla Firefox

In the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can take a screenshot using Firefox Screenshots. You can use Firefox Screenshots to create, download and share screenshots with one click. To use the Firefox Screenshots service, click the Interactions menu in the address bar and select screenshots menu icon Take a screenshot from the drop-down menu.

We hope that our guide comes in handy when you need to take a screenshot on PC. Good luck!


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