How to screenshot on PC

How to screenshot on PC

Sometimes it is not possible to download a photo. At other times, we want to save a piece of a page, website or a selected section of the desktop. How to do it? Let’s check how to quickly make a screen on a computer.

The easiest way is to install and use a dedicated application that will be convenient, multi-functional and intuitive. However, if someone takes screenshots very rarely, installing an additional program is pointless. It is good to know the way that will allow you to make a screen screenshot without using any external program. All you need is Windows and a basic graphics application such as Paint.

Performing a system screenshot

To make a screen, i.e. a screenshot of the current screen view, use the Print Screen key – it is usually next to the numeric keyboard, above the Insert button. Set the screen you want to screenshot and press the previously mentioned button (Print Screen). Apparently nothing will happen, however, there is a saved bitmap in the cache memory of our computer.

Now open any graphics program (for example Paint). You should paste the screenshot (from the menu: tab: Edit, then select: Paste or using the key combination CTRL + V). The image selected previously for the screen will appear in the working area of ​​the graphics program.

Now the screenshot should be saved and pasted. We save it as any other file (from the menu select: File, then Save As). We set the destination of the saved file, and select from the list: Save as type JPEG or PNG. Click the button: save and the screenshot is ready!

PC screenshot guide

Alt + Print Screen

This solution works just like pressing Print Screen, but only saves the active window. So if you have several folders open on your desktop, pressing Alt and Print Screen at the same time will allow you to save the image without clutter in the background.

Windows + H

If you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen and send it by e-mail or, for example, upload it to a social networking site, then press the Windows and H keys simultaneously. On the right, a selection of places will appear where you can upload the image. Their number depends of course on what installed applications are in Windows 10.


Snip is a new tool for creating screenshots by Microsoft. The application can be installed on any version of Windows. It allows you to capture any content visible on the screen and offers editing options similar to the Cutting Tool. However, it should be mentioned that the application includes an additional screen recording function. You can record on-screen activities in this way.

Snipping tool

Did you know that Windows 10 has a built-in screenshot tool? It is called Snipping Tool. It is well known to owners of Windows Vista, 7 and 8 / 8.1, and is found in the System Accessories section. After starting it, you can choose the area that will be captured – the active window, full screen, rectangle or shape that you choose yourself. The screenshot can be saved to the system clipboard or in a place selected by the user.


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