How to tie a bow tie


The bow tie as a neck ornament was born during the Regency. Initially, quite large bow ties were tied. Gradually, until the 19th century, its size decreased. Two varieties of it have remained in vogue to our times. An ordinary bow tie is an ideal decoration for men who want to emphasize their personality in an original way and stand out from the crowd in an elegant way. It looks great if you know how to… tie it. How to tie a bow tie? 

What is a bow tie?

A classic bow tie is best suited for official occasions, perfect for the biggest celebrations. We put on a black or white bow tie for the most elegant outfits.

Thanks to the technique of tying a classic bow tie, the ribbon acquires a narrow waist, which makes it an elegant addition to the evening dress. Fits very well with a tuxedo or tailcoat. Whether you want to perform with a hand-tied black bow tie, or buy a ready-made one, it’s a matter of taste and skill.

Bow tie guide

How to tie a bow tie?

Step 1

The ends of the bow tie should be crossed so that the left, slightly longer end crosses the right. Preferably at the point of narrowing over the oval arch. It is important that the left end of the front sight is moved over, otherwise it may fail. Classic bow tie binding is suitable for ribbons with so-called fitted (tapered) ends. It is also important to adjust the size of the bow tie to the width of the neck!

Step 2

Then the left end of the front sight (the longer one) is looped from the bottom and pulled up to the left.

Step 3

The short end of the bow tie should be bent into a loop. The fold should lie in the middle of the oval, the tip should be pointing to the right.

Step 4

To form the left bow tie, place the upper end down over the narrow part of the right bow and place it up front.

Step 5

The left part of the bow tie (bows) must be led down the back of the right part (bow).

Step 6

Then you need to put it in the resulting loop.

Step 7

Then drag the left part (bow) of the bow tie a little. Both wings should be straightened, tightening the knot, gently pulling on it.

Remember that if you want to look classic and according to the rules of savoir-vivre, the bow tie should be adjusted to the width of your neck.

Tied or fastened bow tie: methods of tying

Bow ties designed for hand-binding are synonymous with the highest elegance. Many men give up on them just because tying a bow tie on their own makes them quite difficult. In response to customer needs, factory-bound bow ties were introduced to the stores. It’s enough to fasten them under the collar to make them look perfect.

Although there are voices that ready bow ties are not suitable for elegant occasions and contradict the principles of savoir vivre, visually both types are similar to each other. A perfectly tied bow tie can be mistaken for a factory-sewn counterpart. These types of models prevail in the collections of men’s fashion salons and in various clothing chains. They will be an interesting addition to various occasions.


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